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Portfolio Continued

SO, you have decided to continue on through the tour of my portfolio. Thank you. I didnt draw much before this class, but i have taken a lot of pride into what i got out of it.

Here are some more of the pieces that i have done.

This drawing was another one of my perspective assignments. We were required to draw our kitchen. It turned out great, but boy what a pain in the butt to draw. Everyone spends a bit of time in their kitchen and you never really notice how much detail there is to draw it. My kitchen is very tiny but that is apartment living for you. Do you remember the chair that i drew from the first page? That is what i was sitting on to draw this assignment. My backside was so numb when i got done. You're wondering, why not take a break? I tried to get as much of the rough sketch done quickly because i was using a clear plastic viewfinder and after so long my arm would go numb from holding it up. Overall, i was very pleased with the results of this picture.
There really isnt too much i can say for this drawing. Its a picture of my hand. All i can say is that it was the first time i ever drew a lifelike picture of my hand without tracing the outsides. We've all done that sometime in our life, havent we? I thought it was pretty neat how different levels of shading in certain areas can really make the details pop out at you.
This one i was really proud of. Never in my life did i ever think i would be able to draw someone's portrait and it would actually end up looking like them. This assignment we had to draw a profile picture. My subject was my boyfriend Albert. The drawing took about 2 hours. Thats with a few breaks here and there. He was watching television when i drew this. Quite possibly the only position i could get him to sit in for that long. I also drew a self portrait of myself but that one is still on display in the hallway at school. I will add that one soon.
I drew this picture as part of my final for the class. We were allowed to draw one open assignment of our liking. I had visited New York City one time and loved it. I went to the top of the Empire State Building and looked at the view across the city. So after September 11th happened, I had always wanted to draw a picture of them.
This piece was actually a scratchboard project that i had done for an assignment. We were supposed to pick out an artist, do a report on them and also pick out one of their pieces of work and try to duplicate it. After over 12 hours and several blisters later, it was finished. I had never done a scratchboard before and i was excited to see how it would turn out. I knew it was going to be a challenge because there were a lot of curves and there was a lot of white space that needed to be scratched off. I was very proud of this piece.
I finally got my portrait piece off the wall at school and i got it scanned so that i could post it. It took me forever to do this picture. Just because i had to continuously look into a mirror to draw my next features. So... here it is.

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