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My Portfolio

Hi there. Thank you for looking at my portfolio. These next few pages are going to be based on some of the projects that i have done since i have started at IADT. Before i began attending school, i knew very little about the internet and how it worked. The idea of how a web page came together was quite puzzling to me. However, after each class ended, i have learned to apply each skill on top one another to get where i am right now.

So without further is my portfolio

This was one of the first assignments i had to do from my Drawing and Design class. We had to draw the picture upside down. At first I was a bit apprehensive to do the assignment because i didnt think that i had much drawing skills. After i was done, i turned the picture rightside up and i couldnt believe that i drew it. To me, drawing a complex animal such as a horse would be very difficult. But when i drew it upside down, i wasnt thinking about drawing the horse, i was thinking about drawing the lines.
This piece taught me that it was possible to draw an object without drawing the actual lines but to draw the spaces around the object. This i believe is called negative space drawing. This particular assignment we had to draw a chair or some other object that had a lot of negative spacing. The cool thing about this kind of drawing is that once you have the negative spaces drawn, the object kinda pops out at you.
Doing this assignment was a lot of fun. I was learning how to apply perspective to a drawing. We were required to draw a door that was located in a corner. This is the door to my bedroom. I was so happy at how this picture turned out because it looks real. If you took a picture of where i was sitting when i drew it, it would look identical. I even went as far as drawing a small portion of my kitchen in the far background.

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